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Waves of Change - Futurist - Anders Sorman-Nilsson

20 Jul 2013

Waves of Change - Futurist

Waves of change are rolling towards us and you'd better be prepared.

  • But how do you spot the waves, or identify what's going on in the market?
  • How do you sense the direction of the currents, or establish what it means for your business?
  • And how do you best position yourself so you're not washed away, or choose a market position and ride the wave?

Will you surf to success or drown in a riptide on an unpatrolled beach, while swimming outside the flags?

Unfortunately for business leaders today, change doesn't care whether you like it or not. It happens ceaselessly without your permission.

The ignorant and apathetic are swamped and go belly-up, but those that know how to recognise opportunity, innovate and welcome change will soar. Plus they'll enjoy every moment of the journey.

Check Yourself

  • How aware are your leaders around which customer touch points should be digitised and which must be left alone?
  • Do your teams know how to use traditional and non-traditional media to actively engage with hyper critical customers, talent and prospects?
  • Does your organisation mine the data you are currently collecting about your customers and turning it into a strategic asset?
  • Does your organisation's offering actually matter in today's market and, more importantly, will it truly matter tomorrow?

Waves of Change Anders Sorman-Nilsson Futurist

What's In It For Me - what will you learn?

  1. Which new markets you should target, and how to identify and engage them
  2. How to utilise specific forms of new media in order to communicate powerfully and engage audiences
  3. How to step back and deconstruct your own business model to identify new, non-traditional partnerships
  4. How to sort through the data storm to turn customer insight into intelligent and strategic business assets
  5. How to build innovation strategy that disrupts your competitors

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