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What Happens When Retail Reaches The Digital Tipping Point

20 Oct 2015
As more consumers are increasingly adopting and embracing digital technology we see that different consumer categories are reaching a digital tipping point. Changes in buying habits and consumer demands together with technological innovation have enabled brands to create smarter and more personalized digital offerings which is driving the growth of digital sales.

What Happens When Retail Reach The Digital Tipping Point

In the graph above you can see that product categories like toys for example have had a steady but slow growth in the United States from 2000 to 2005, but then around 2006 and 2007 something happens - the product category reaches a digital tipping point and after that you can notice a significantly higher growth. 

As I wrote in this previous blog post Futurist Keynote: A Paradigm Shift In The Customer Journeythe purchasing pathway is becoming increasingly fragmented and digitized. Today's customers are switching between different devices and accessing information in many different ways. While many brands and businesses have acknowledged these disruptive changes, I think there is still much work and research that's need to be done in order to design a perfect and seamless customer experience.  Do you have any examples of great customer experience? Please contribute with your examples in the comment section below.

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