Why Integration Is Key For Digital Transformation

Posted on Tuesday, 22 Nov 2016

Last week we wrote about the challenge of deciding what your marketing mix should look like, and in this blog post we will focus on the challenge of integrating traditional and digital marketing activities and why it's essential for digital transformation.

A survey by Smart Insights reveals that only 5% of marketers have managed to fully integrate and optimise across digital and traditional marketing activities. Additionally, we can see from the graph below see that 12% have reached full integration while as many as 33% are actively trying to integrate. The rest have only reached limited integration or have not integrated it all. 
This research highlights the fact that most businesss have a long way to go before they can claim themselves to be Omnichannel, Digilogue or Seamless for that matter. So why are so many organisations lagging behind when it comes to this critical challenge? First of all, many businesses have according to Smart Insights separate traditional and digital marketing teams who plan and execute activities independently of each other. This is of course not a smart way to use resources and it can also create silos within your organisation which in turn will hinder collaboration, knowledge sharing and innovation.
However, the main reason why organisations are lagging behind and do not address this challenge is because of an insufficient understanding of these disruptive changes. Moreover, we would say that understanding the underlying trends driving disruption is only one of two vital aspects, it's also essential to be able to communicate and sell the concept of change both internally and externally. The successful business leaders of tomorrow are those who are able to shake off organisational ‘change apathy’ and lead digital transformation.
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