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Beyond the Virus: The Future of Humanity and the Rise of Creativity

22 Aug 2020

Machines have been learning while we have been hibernating. AI and robotic developments didn't stand still. But did we as humans stop our development, and do we think that we are going back to the old normal? COVID19 has led to a fundamental and paradigmatic shift in the world. It is creative destruction. Old incumbents are faltering and future incumbents are emerging. Technology has become our lifeline and 10 years worth of digital transformation has been compressed into a single year. As the Chief Creative Officer at one of our clients at Facebook recently said "it's like we have woken up three years ahead". You could probably stretch that out to 2030 depending on your view of the 'if it were not for COVID'-pace of change.


So what is the role of humanity amidst all of this roboticisation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence? How should our thinking evolve and be applied? How do we upgrade our own thinking software to be future compatible? Check out the above video for my view of the rise of a golden age of creativity. 

Technology doesn't sleep Futurist Anders Sorman-Nilsson



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