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Future of B2B Branding: Signal in the Noise

01 Jul 2020

With ideas transmitted exponentially across media and among different key players, have you struggled to boost your brand signal during the COVID19-lockdown? In the age of the digitally distributed brand, how do you position your brand in the minds of tomorrow's customers as you attempt to accelerate out of the COVID curve?

As brand owners and communication professionals, the Corona-crisis has reminded us to ask important branding questions:

  • Have you struggled to achieve the brand signal that your role demands?
  • Is "corporate speak" getting in the way of connecting with tomorrow's customers?
  • Has your brand transformed, yet you are struggling to get the word about your "Future Brand" out to customers & media?
  • Does your audience feel less than inspired about your compliance-heavy narrative?
  • Could you boost your brand signal with the power of an independent expert?
  • Are you struggling to transform into the Digital Trust Economy, where 3rd parties are more trusted than Brand Owners?
You may want to check out our recent Webinar on the Future of B2B Branding for some tips, or alternatively check out how we have been amplifying our clients' brands (both B2B and B2C) by creating unique, digital thought leadership assets.

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Anders Sörman-Nilsson is a futurist and the founder of the Sydney-based think tank and trend analysis firm - Thinque, which provides data-based research, foresight and thought leadership assets for global brands across 4 continents. His vision is to disseminate ‘avant-garde ideas which expand minds and inspire a change of heart’, and clients like ING, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, McKinsey, Jaguar Land Rover, MINI, Rugby New Zealand, and Lego trust his future guidance. He is an awarded keynote speaker who helps leaders decode trends, decipher what’s next and turn provocative questions into proactive answers. He has published 3 books including ‘Aftershock’ (2020), ‘Seamless’ (2017) and ‘Digilogue’ (2013), is a member of TEDGlobal, and was nominated to the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders in 2019. His futurist thinking has been shared by the Wall Street Journal, Financial Review, Monocle, BBC, Esquire and ABC TV.

If you would like to take a closer look into what a trend report for your business can look like, check out our report on the Future of Work with ING - a report we co-created that uncovers key workplace trends and in-demand jobs and skills that will help you prepare for - and create - a better future - and a great way for creating digital signal in the noise.

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If you would like to book a virtual coffee with me to explore what a brand ambassador / digital thought leadership asset collaboration might look like please click below. 

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