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Future Trendspots: the disruptive potential of The Internet of Things

01 Jun 2015

In today's video blog post I speak about how the disruptive idea of The Internet of Things, Machine-to-Machine communications and Artificial Intelligence will shape the business landscape and our daily lives in the future. 

 So what is the Internet of Things? The Internet of Things is when various devices and objects have network connectivity which allows them to communicate with each other and achieve greater value and service. This technology can be applied to a wide range of different product categories, from home appliances to wearables.

Nest Internet of Things disruptive

One example of the Internet of Things is Nest which have recently been acquired by Google. The interesting thing about Nest is that it's designed like a central intelligence hub for your home. In fact it can learn your schedule, program itself and be controlled from your smartphone which enables you to reduce your energy footprint and lower your heating and cooling bills. Hear about this example and much more in the video above! 

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