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How Mad Paws Uses Technology to Digitise Trust

02 Jan 2020

In recent years, technology has acted as a bridge to bring meaningful solutions to people in need, whoever or wherever they may be. However, every business proposition is initially (and normally) met with scepticism. While corporations may introduce new technologies, we need to recognise that the first step to winning analogue hearts is to establish and build trust.

Good feedback goes a long way. Thanks to the Internet and data analytics, we can now view reviews for almost any kind of product or service. But while technology has evolved to deliver more efficient and convenient solutions, it still needs a human touch to truly inspire confidence.

In my Stories From the Future series, I share a conversation with Mad Paws’ CEO Alexis Solopoulos and discover how their platform manages to digitise trust.


As a pet tech company, Mad Paws uses a digital platform to help take care of pet-owners’ “furbabies”. Instead of Australians worrying if family or friends are available to care for their equally important family members when they’re away, Solopoulos’ company connects them with trained pet-sitters.

From the beginning, Mad Paws’ main hurdle was to establish trust between the platform and their first customers. The solution? A human-centric digital design.

Alexis made sure that Mad Paws guarantees that all of their pet-sitters are experienced and dedicated pet lovers. This ensures that the sitters will look after the animal’s needs with the utmost care. Once a potential customer has chosen a pet-sitter through the app, both parties meet to see if it’s a good match. If the owner is happy, the booking is made online.

As we look towards the future, companies need to approach technology with a mindset for building meaningful relationships and crafting humane solutions.

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