5 questions to Move from Digital Disruption to Digital Transformation

Posted on Monday, 09 Apr 2018

Digital disruption is not new and it's been coming for all businesses – it has just been a matter of when and how big the disruption was going to be. So how can you respond now that we are living in a Post-Digital Disruption Society? How can your business take advantage of digital advances without losing your human touch?

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IKEA might be the cause of many lost children and the biggest contributor to marriage breakdown across the Western world (being from Sweden, I’m allowed to cynically say that), but it nonetheless seems the sort of place you still need to visit to really get a feel for how the furniture and products might fit in with your life. Aimed with tape measure and tiny pencil, you need to work through the whole maze to see it for yourself, right? Well, not any more.

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We are in the midst of a big paradigm shift - more and more products are becoming services. This is what people are referring to as the servitization. Old manufacturers like Rolls Royce and new digital startups are seeing this as an opportunity to customise their offerings, deliver value to their customers during an extended period of time and develop more intimate relationships with customers.

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Seamless transitions across analogue and digital touchpoints are key in order to create impactful and memorable customer experiences. When designing a brand experience it can be helpful to adress these three questions:
  • Where are the friction points in the customer journey?
  • Which brand touchpoints can be digitized and which ones should remain analogue?
  • How can you create a personalized customer experience?
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