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Transforming Companies in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

13 Sep 2019

The lines are blurring between the digital and the physical in this emergent era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Just as everything we use around our homes is increasingly getting connected to the Internet, smart technologies are being implemented in factories and workplaces. 

In the 18th Century, humanity discovered the wonders of faster travel and production through the introduction of steam engines. A century later, electricity allowed exponential mass production; and as computers emerged in the 20th Century, 0s and 1s automated these processes. Technology’s rapid (r)evolutions have disrupted businesses throughout history, and today, smart devices and services are becoming indispensable to our cybernetic lives.

As cyber-physical systems enable seamless interconnectivity, every brand has now become a tech company. Not only are we producing products and services at quicker speeds, but we are now also bridging the gap to our customers in seconds, and converging virtual reality with analogue reality. Science fiction is fast becoming science fact.

In this 4th Industrial Revolution, we can reach analogue hearts through digital screens in ways that are quicker than any brick-and-mortar store could in the first 3 revolutions. The speed of change has never been this fast and will never be this slow ever again. To win in the world beyond tomorrow,  you must shape a future where your digital brand crafts meaningful science fiction narratives for your customers. Are you ready to step into this science fiction world and make it a fact?

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