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Why Customer Experience and Content Are Essential For B2B

14 Jun 2016

We at Thinque have previously written about the importance of customer experience and content from a B2C perspective, so therefore we thought it would be relevant to highlight some key facts about these two aspects from a B2B perspective

These key statistics and insights should work as an encouragement for any B2B company that is not investing enough in content marketing and customer experience. One, among many reasons why a lot of business to business organisations doesn't feel like they should invest in creating valuable and relevant content or focus on creating immersive experiences for their clients, could be that they perceive their industry to be "boring" and not intriguing enough to write about.

Moreover, some people make the assumption that B2B customers, as oppose to B2C customers, are only motivated by logic, facts and figuers. We at Thinque, would of course argue that this is not the whole truth. Just like B2C customers, B2B customers can get emotionally engaged and connected to a B2B brand and its story. Here is a great blog post on this subject by the marketing automation platform Hubspot: 10 Exceptional B2B Content Marketing Examples.  

This video was posted on Maersk Group's Facebook page and has until this day generated over 1,200 likes.

Another example of a forward thinking B2B company is Maersk Group. They have proven that even "boring" industries can create highly engaging, emotive, inspiring and thought provoking content that generates ROI and is brand bulding. Check out the whole story about Maersk here: The Future Of B2B Marketing: Thought Leadership Perspectives From A Futurist

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