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Ephemera Leveraging the Internet to Sell Sustainable Swimwear

31 Jan 2020

The apparel industry is characterised by change and innovation, continuously challenging modes of dressing with new textures and fabric. Because these large fashion houses place a premium on brand ethics, aesthetics, and originality, they rely mostly on analogue strategies to engage and connect with their potential customers. As a result, they operate out of traditional brick and mortar stores, with the belief that their target market prefers to touch and fit outfits before making a purchase.

However, millennials are starting to turn that trend around. Research from mOOnshot Digital and McKinsey & Company show that online sales for high-end luxury items show projections of $86 billion by 2025. Around the world, people are finding it more convenient to shop online since most brands guarantee free returns under specific conditions.

For consumers concerned with products that outlast trends and years, there is a growing spotlight on smaller, local brands that guarantee quality and innovation. Leveraging the Internet’s reach, these brands craft, promote and sell clothing that is on par with—or better than—luxury brand pieces.

Tune in to my chat with Ephemera’s founder, Nicole Banning, where we uncover the benefits of online entrepreneurship.


A former Yves Saint Laurent designer, Nicole shared that working for the fashion giant in her 20s allowed her to nurture her talent. But this also meant she didn't have full control over her time, resources, and creativity.

Taking her experiences of the industry, Nicole returned to Australia to set up Ephemera, an Australian lifestyle brand whose brand identity focuses on timelessness and nostalgia.

With a vision to create pieces that last, Ephemera holds their clothing to the highest technical standards and pursues sustainable practices for sourcing and manufacturing. And with the creative freedom and technical expertise to execute her ideas, Nicole leverages online platforms to market and distribute her line, inviting customers to feature their feedback and reviews on her website.

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