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Waves of Change: Huddle’s Humane Interface that Aids the Insurance Client’s Journey

10 Jan 2020

From meeting with a sales representative to completing the necessary forms, purchasing an insurance plan can be a taxing endeavour for most families. And with pop culture and news portraying the industry as traditional or stingy, it’s understandable why many people find it hard to trust insurance agents and the agencies behind them.

As a response to recent digital disruptions, insurtech startups have emerged with the intent to increase personalisation and automation in the world of insurance. Now that customers’ needs are changing, new competition is challenging this analogue industry and helping it transition to digital innovation.

In a conversation with one of Huddle’s founders, Jason Wilby reveals how they made the insurance experience both humane and empathetic to address people’s low trust factor.


Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms called Huddle Bots, Huddle is an insurtech company that combines human and machine to make insurance more reliable and less costly. Understanding the trust issues that people have with agents, policies, and claims, Jason Wilby and Jonathan Buck developed a mobile application to solve this problem.

In a traditional setting, an agent walks a potential customer through the whole insurance process. But because most people either want to take time to understand insurance terms or can’t afford to wait very long for their claims to be processed, there’s bound to be tension between customers and agents.

Huddle solves this friction by deploying bots to process claims, spot errors and identify ways for customers’ to spend less on their insurance. This happens in just a few minutes. And since the company leverages their technology to automate tasks, the "Huddle Humans" are freed up so they can focus more on customer service support and further product innovation.

Huddle simplifies the traditional insurance process with a humane interface, driving a more seamless experience by building on trust.

There are traditional processes across different companies that are resistant to change. As Huddle proves, not only does technology complete tasks at a faster rate, it also helps improve your relationship with your customers. Instead of being displaced later in time by disruptions, embrace the waves of change and work towards a world of digital innovation. Engage in meaningful conversations with your customers and develop forward-thinking strategies that put them at the centre of your efforts.

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