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How nib Uses Technology to Augment their Workplace

30 Dec 2019

As physical, digital and biological worlds intersect, intelligent machines are improving the way businesses work. Thanks to technology’s exponential development, our daily activities are now aided by complex programs and machines. At work, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is removing silos and streamlining processes among and within enterprises; increasing engagement not only with customers but also among colleagues.

Cloud storage services allow information to be shared with the press of a button. Productivity software helps track tasks and improve efficiency, and project management tools increase collaboration among teams. Communication, collaboration and productivity are becoming more seamless.

I sat down with nib’s CEO Mark Fitzgibbon to discuss how their company has adapted to digital evolutions through the years and how this has fostered employee experience and innovation.


Fitzgibbon’s perspective on digitization is refreshing. Instead of viewing digitization as a disruptor, he calls it “digital evolutions.” The imperative for his company, then, is to make the necessary changes to ride the waves of change.

An important shift in nib is increasing transparency among employees. Once they introduced and integrated Workplace into company processes, everyone learned how individual jobs affect the finished product. Fitzgibbon reveals that once employees get a better view of their contributions, there’s a sense of importance that enriches these people’s professional lives.

When we peer into the future, we shouldn’t mistake technological advancements for virtual walls that keep us from making human connections. Instead, we should look at technology as a tool that can help make work more meaningful and encourage seamless interactions.

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